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Perhaps the most emotive area of any Irish garden. So many opinions so many methods of care. Essentially most lawns end up being a simple and effective perennial Rye grass. They may set off being lawn seed number two but ultimately they all end up being Rye. So to care for Rye grass all you have to remember is never to mow too low and to remove debris in the Autumn. To 'mulch' or not to 'mulch' is your choice but remember light mulching feeds the lawn. Heavy mulching damages it.

We offer our lawn care service as part of our Garden Maintenance service or separately as a once off stand alone call out service. Part of our basic service is a grass cut, weed removal and litter pickup.

All materials and seeds can be provided by Moss and Green.

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For more information on our lawn care and grass cutting service please call Moss & Green @ 087 262 3371